Lan Belic

Product Designer

Shaping future of travel at in Amsterdam.

Shaping future of travel at in Amsterdam.

Shaping future of travel at in Amsterdam.

Work Highlights — Trip Planning

Senior Designer, 2022—Now

Currently leading the pre-book Trip Planning at, where I focus on enhancing travelers’ planning experiences, focusing on locking in anchor booking like an accommodation or flight. In collaboration with a product counterpart, I develop and implement a strategic vision, aligning it with various company stakeholders. I also manage diverse projects hands-on, guiding them from concept to execution, ensuring each aligns with our strategic objectives and is communicated effectively across teams. — Flights

Senior Designer, 2019—2022

Working on's Flights product - first I was focusing on cross-platform projects spanning from search to book process. Owning a full process of new features and improvements, from inception to execution and in close collaboration with peers. Then I focused on an app-only experience, working on a vision project that portrays how our app should look in the upcoming years with unique native features, collaborating with different teams within Booking. — Extra Services

UX Designer, 2019

Lead end-to-end experience on the supply side for the new product Extra services, enabling accommodation providers to offer extra services to their guests. — Design Language

Visual Designer, 2018—2019

Working on defining the new Design Language, focusing on the intersection between brand and product, to translate new brand vision into design language ingredients for WeTransfer’s products. I was working closely with brand designers, product designers of respective products and product managers.

Accenture Song — Shell App

Product Designer, 2017—2018

Lead user experience for payment and fuelling parts of the Shell consumer app available on Android, iOS and In-car experience for Jaguar and Land Rover. Owned the design and process parts of the design systems team, which laid the foundations for the launch of redesigned consumer apps on iOS and Android.

Accenture Song — ENSO Design Sprint App

Product Designer, 2018

As a side-project, I worked on creating an in-house app that will help us run and facilitate design sprints. We were a very small team, at the start I created all the designs for the MVP version, but with the launch of a release app, I took the role of leading other designers and helping with the strategic positioning of the product.

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